Self Body Lifting In The Home

Self body lifting and climbing do not have to be resigned to those with a large muscle mass or those with a large bank balance. True, a muscular body will be able to pull more, and climbing and lifting equipment can be expensive, but that is only if we want to turn it into an […]

Using Modern Technology for Holiday Fitness

There are obviously a lot of things we do on holiday that we take for granted, such as walking, swimming or mountain climbing; they’re all things that we know keep us fit, but sometimes it is important and enjoyable to mix things up a little bit. Not only does this keep our minds turning, it […]

Exercising With Others on Holiday

Whether it is at home or on a holiday, unless we have a ready contingent of friends and family share our fitness and exercise goals, keeping fit can be a lonely experience. Holidays are supposed to be a time to relax and enjoy the company of others. For fitness enthusiasts, this opens up a world […]

Some Holiday Exercises

Holidays should be a time for relaxing but at the same time they are also a time when we typically more, drink more and where our calorie counts and exercise regimes falter the wayside. However, we don’t want to be bogging down our holiday with worries of getting some sort of equilibrium in place where […]

Exercising On Holiday

Whether we decide to put our feet up in front of the TV for a week, or go on a seven day hike around the country’s peaks and hills, we all have different opinions on whether or not holidays are the best time to try and keep fit. But the best way to exercise on […]

A Disciplined Fitness Diet

There is nothing more frustrating than putting in hours at the gym, completing as many or even more circuits then we planned for, and then ruining our health and fitness regime by letting our healthy diet off the hook. Indeed, it is often said, and is largely true, that fitness and diet are inextricably linked. […]

Discipline In a Busy Lifestyle

It is unfortunately all too easy in a hectic life to prioritise other things over our fitness, and often this is with good reason. The welfare of our family, for example, is always going to be more important than getting time in at the gym. However, there are also things in our lives that needed […]

Discipline During a Workout

No fitness enthusiast can honestly say that they have always done exactly what they set out to do on their work out. Promise ourselves and our, and at least once in our lives we will have called it quits after half an hour or less. Sometimes this is for a legitimate reason, but often it […]

Breaking The Tiredness Wall

Everyone, without exception, has had time in their life when they have planned to do something active, only to find themselves incredibly tired and not able or willing to go through with it when the time comes. Whether it is a hard day at work, tiredness after a long journey or the exhaustion of running […]

General Fitness without Spending Money

Spending money on expensive equipment, gym and health club memberships and all singing, all dancing apps is all well and good, but only if we have the disposable income. There is no need, especially if we can’t spare the cash, to spend hundreds or even thousands on keeping fit. It is something that can come […]